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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fukofuko Usagi

Yet another character to promote relaxation for the ever stressed Japanese people. Fukofuko Usagi has a relaxed atmosphere with "raw materials" which I presume refers to the sort of calligraphy look in design. It is holding a towel, which is pointed out to us, and it likes to take bathes. I think we get the hint to relax! :)

Fukofuko Usagi

Japanese Name: ふこふこうさぎ
Literal Translation: Fluffy Rabbit
Released: August 2000
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

Soft and fluffy, "Fukofuko Usagi" is a character that has the touch of good raw materials. Fukofuko Usagi loves taking baths, wonderful scents blown in the wind, and relaxing. Seeing the expression of this "tranquility" can surely warm your spirit. Come, everyone let's relax together!



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