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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cheese Ikka

After so many years since my first translation in 2002 with the help of Tom, Sensei, and others, of my favorite San-X character, Cheese Family, or Cheese Ikka, I have revisited it. I made some changes in the translation of Cheese Village (Cheese Mura) and actually translated all the character descriptions, moving the other bits from RM Licensing to the Translation Notes section. I also collected all the other members of this crazy cheese world so we can know everyone by name! Thank you to those who have previously visited my Cheese Family fansite, and of course the Cheese Test, which has actually received exponentially more hits than any of my other creations.

I am also using the name "Cheese Ikka" instead of "Cheese Family," which I know is everywhere on the internet now and what everyone knows these crazy cheese characters as, since I am following my method for all my other San-X character translations. I know it sounds funny, this is a big change for me, too!

Cheese Ikka
Japanese Name: チーズ一家
Literal Translation: Cheese Family
Released: February 2001
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

Cheese Ikka is a complete group of individual personalities. The overlooked way of life of cheese is now revealed!?

There are the always lovey-dovey Papa and Mama and the close-knit 6P cheese1 siblings. The fun and cute world of Cheese Ikka is packed full. Notice the many cheese characters that appear, such as Camembertkun and Dancer Kona2 Cheese!



Cheese Mura Map
Cheese Village Map

(1) Cheese House
The Cheese Family's house. It was built by the father.
(2) Pizza Crispy
This is the pizza shop where where the father and mother first met.
(3) Dr. Chevre's House
He's the wisest in the town. He is a professor who studies cheese.
(4) Aunt Milk's House
The concentrated milk comes from the milk well.
(5) Grandfather Blue Cheese's House
His historical house is from a former era 50 years ago.
(6) Mice Forest
Cheese Ikka is extremely afraid of the mice's hideout.
(7) Camembert's House
Because the house is so soft, it is constantly falling down and it has to be rebuilt.
(8) Parmesan Mansion
They are very rich cheese with a huge, luxurious house. It is the best district in town and they even have a pool and private chauffeur.
(9) Wine Bar Bourgogne
Miss Bourgogne works at the wine bar. She is the most beautiful in town.
(10) Club Smoke
With gyaru3 dancers, this is where the young men hang out.
(11) Public Bath House
Mrs. Mozzarella works here and owns this public bath house.3
(12) Calcium Gym
The cheese work out so they can become like Calcium no Ooi Cheese!?
(1) チーズハウス
(2) ピザ・クリスピー
(3) シェーブルさんち
(4) ミルクおばさんち
(5) ブルーチーズおじいちゃんち
(6) ねずみのもり
(7) カメンベール家
(8) パルメザン邸
(9) ワインバー・ブルゴーニュ
(10) クラブ・スモーク
(11) ちいむの湯
(12) カルシウム・ジム

10 Nenmono・Chichi
10 years old・Father

Type: Emmental cheese
He is the central pillar of the family. He is an architect and good at cooking. He is head-over-heels in love with Mama, and he has no chance against Mama's melting attack.5

Torokeru Lady・Haha
Melting Lady・Mother

Type: Torokeru cheese6
She is a little clumsy and is a carefree person, and a very charming mama. Right now, she is making strong efforts for housewife tasks!7


6P Cheese1 Kyoudai
6P Cheese Siblings
Chiiniichan (chounan)
Chee8 Older Brother (eldest son)

He is just a little bit of a bully. Apparently, he was previously part of a gang.9

Plain (jinan)
Plain (second son)

He is quiet and reserved. He is very kind when others are in trouble.10

Blue (sannan)
Blue (third son)

He tends to be lonely, and when he is alone he cries...11

Cran (choujo)
Cran (eldest daughter)

She is a tomboyish girl. Her dream for the future is to become a cake shop owner!12

Cream (yonnan)
Cream (fourth son)

He longs to be like Chiiniichan! He wants to grow up quickly.13

Nuts (jijo)
Nuts (second daughter)

She is a spoiled child but friendly. However, she may be a little open to anything?!14





Baby Cheese
Baby Cheese


Type: Gorgonzola
He is a blue cheese grandfather.

しゅるい: ゴルゴンソーラ
Smooth Liquid・Grandmother

Type: Yogurt
She is a yogurt grandmother.

しゅるい: ヨーグルト
Otokuyou Size・Sofu
Economical Size・Grandfather

Type: Slice cheese

しゅるい: スライズチーズ
Rich and Melty・Grandmother

Type: Torokeru cheese6

しゅるい: とろけるチーズ

Wine Jousan
Miss Wine

Miss Bourgogne works at the wine bar. She is the most beautiful in town.

Mr. Chèvre

He's the wisest in the town. He is a professor who studies cheese.

Milk Obasan
Milk Aunt

Her concentrated milk comes from the milk well.

Calcium no Ooi Cheese
Lots of Calcium Cheese

The cheese work out so they can become like Calcium no Ooi Cheese!?


Little Camembert

Because his house is so soft, it is constantly falling down and it has to be rebuilt.

Ganguro Smoke Cheese
Ganguro15 Smoke Cheese

Club Smoke: With gyaru3 dancers, this is where the young men hang out.

クラブ・スモーク: ギャルにダンサー、若者の集う人気スポット。
Parmesan Kyoudai
Parmesan Brothers

They are very rich cheese with a huge, luxurious house. It is the best district in town and they even have a pool and private chauffeur.

Mozzarella Obasan
Mozzarella Aunt

Mrs. Mozzarella works at and owns the public bath house.


Slice Obasan
Slice Aunt
Chiikama Niichan
Cheekama17 Older Brother
Dancer Kona Cheese
Dancer Grated Cheese
Cream Cheesesan
Mr. Cream Cheese

Shinkoibito Tabasuko
New Lover Tabasco Girl19
Sakeru Cheesekun
Little String Cheese
Salami Oyajiizu
Salami Old Men20 Cheese
Little Sausage
Kyuu Butai (Shikakui Cheese)
Cube Unit21 (Square Cheese)


Some images were provided by Mitochondria Eve and some images are from SmileScan.net.

Translation Notes

  1. 6P Cheese is a type of cheese in Japan where there are 6 equal pieces of cheese that form a circle. This makes the most sense as a visual explanation, so please look here: Snow 6P. So these 6 cheese siblings are the 6 pieces from this type of Japanese cheese brand.

  2. Kona cheese (粉チーズ) is grated cheese.

  3. Gyaru (ギャル) is a Japanese transliteration of the American English word gal. This word refers to a type of Japanese girls who dress in gyaru fashion, which is artificial and trying to look Western. Ganguro is a type of gyaru fashion.Wikipedia: Gyaru

  4. Sentō (銭湯) is a type of Japanese communal bath house where customers pay for entrance. They were used before everyone had their own baths in homes. Now, usually only the older generation still use them and often go in groups for socialization. Like onsen, wearing any swimming clothing is taboo and everyone just bathes naked together. Sentou are different from onsen since the water does not come from the hot springs. Wikipedia: Sento

  5. The "melting attack" seems to refer to when they sort of melt together and he cannot resist the mother's charm. From other sources: He is the head of the family. He is an architect and he built the house. He loves his wife and never gets angry with her. (He is so weak against Mother's charming.) He is good at cooking and cheese fondue is his best dish. He also likes red wine. It is hard for him to deal with mice. His favorite phrase is "Let's forget it."

  6. Torokeru cheese is cheese that is melted. Torokeru (とろける) means to melt (to a liquid) or to be enchanted with; to be charmed; to be bewitched. There is a pun here where she is this type of cheese and also charms her husband to probably not be angry with her.

  7. From other sources: Torokeru Lady is a bit stubborn and lazy as well as careless and carefree. But she is charming. Despite that, she gets along very well with Father and is trying her best to be a good housewife. When she was young, many other guys were attracted to her.

  8. Presumably, "chee" (チー) is short for "cheese" (チーズ).

  9. From other sources: Chiiniichan is a nasty bully and likes to show off. Although he is the eldest son, he is the trouble-maker in the family. He always bullies Blue. He was the leader of a triad group, a gang called "teamer," but he quit.

  10. From other sources: Plain is very modest, quiet, and shy, totally the opposite of his eldest brother. He is so kind that if he sees someone in trouble or need, he will go help them without a doubt.

  11. From other sources: Blue is a coward and is always bullied by the others. He is lonely and always needs to be with others or else he will cry when he is alone.

  12. From other sources: Cran is a strong-minded and naughty tomboy. When she grows up, she wants to be a cake baker and open a cake shop.

  13. From other sources: Cream wants to grow up fast. He idolizes his oldest brother. He admires Chee-chan (his eldest brother) so much because he is very curious about the world. He hates the strawberry cream on his head because it seems too childish. He wants to have Chee-chan's white cream instead.

  14. From other sources: Nuts always needs attention and is a spoiled child because everybody loves her. But she gets along well with others. She likes Plain brother and Grandmother Yogurt most at the moment.

  15. Ganguro (Kanji:顔黒 Hiragana: がんぐろ Katakana: ガングロ literally: "face black") is an alternative fashion trend of blonde or orange hair and tanned skin among young Japanese women that peaked in popularity around the year 2000, but remains evident today. The Shibuya and Ikebukuro districts of Tokyo are the center of ganguro fashion. Ganguro is a type of gyaru fashion (see above). Wikipedia: Ganguro

  16. Chiichiku, chi-chiku, cheechiku, chee-chiku, or chee chiku (チーちく) is broiled white fish cake rolled up in a ring shape with creamy Camembert cheese inside. (「チーちく」は、クリーミーなカマンベール入りチーズを白身魚のすり身でぐるりと巻き込んだ、紀文の人気商品です。) This is another item that really needs a visual: チーちく, image.

  17. Chiikama, che-kama, or cheekama (チーかま) is fish sausage with cheese inside. (「チーかま」とはチーズの入ったかまぼこです。) image

  18. Chiitara, che-tara, or cheetara (チーたら) is cheese that resembles a rectangle shape and is made up of many different cheese. (チーたらとは似ても似つかない四角形。チーたらとは違い、チーズの割合が多いです。) image

  19. Shinkoibito Tabasuko (新恋人タバス子) has a pun in the "Tabasco" part. Instead of writing tabasco (ta ba su ko) fulled in katakana (タバスコ), the "ko" part is in kanji (子) and can mean child or girl.

  20. Oyaji (おやじ or オヤジ) usually refers to an old perverted man, common in anime, in particular Ranma 1/2. These salami oyaji are certainly drooling like that image. There is also a pun with "oyajiizu" (おやじーズ) as it combines "oyaji" (おやじ) with "chiizu" (チーズ, cheese) since ji and chi are similar in sound.

  21. Kyuubutai (キュー部隊) combines the words "cube" (キューブ) and "butai" (部隊) where the first part of cube is combined with butai as these guys are cube shaped.