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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Japanese Name: ダパン
Literal Translation: Panda¹
Release Date: February 2002
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

As it is time for the World Cup, a strong team was formed. "Goal!! Finally it was decided that the Dapan Team would advance to the finals!" The first soccer pandas will do their best! If you watch a lot, maybe you will know all the players!? Please cheer for them!

ワールドカップに向けて結成された強力なチーム。「ゴ~ル!! ついにダパンチームが決勝進出を決めました!」サッカーパンダ代表もがんばってます!よく見たらみんなの知ってる選手もいるかも!?応援よろしくネ!


Translation Notes
  1. I think Dapan may just be Panda backwards.

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