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Monday, February 1, 2010

Pote Hamu

Pote Hamu
ぽてはむ Plump Hamster July 2000 San-X PDF

The cute Pote Hamu are rolling, plump, and round. They love to float around in the sky. When there is a rainbow like today, they make bubbles, play with balloons, and do other exciting things. Since everyone is close friends, smiles and laughter never cease. Come play in the colorful and sparkly "Pote Hamu World"!

ころころぽってりした丸さがカワイイぽてはむ。 お空でプカプカしているのが大好きな、ぼくらぽてはむ。 虹の上でシャボン玉したり、風船であそんだり,ワクワクする事が今日もいっぱい。 みんな仲良しだからいつも笑いが絶えないんだ。 カラフル・キラキラな''ぽてはむ・ワールド''にきみも遊びにおいでよ!

Kiiro Gray Chairo
Yellow Gray Brown

There are three colors for Pote Hamu.

Also this time, special trump patterns of Pote Hamu can be seen! Try to look for them.



Pote Hamu

ぽてはむ Plump Hamster March 2001

With everyone, Pote Hamu loves to have fluffy fun!! With tons of delicious fruit such as apples, strawberries, and cherries, they are very close friends!!

ぽてはむはみんなでぽわぽわ遊ぶのが大好き!! りんごやいちご、チェリーなどおいしさいっぱいのフルーツととっても仲良しなんだ!!
Pote Hamu

ぽてはむ Plump Hamster November 2001

With his plump and round form, popular "Pote Hamu" appears in a new series! This time, they meet the popular trump pattern with original trump designs. There is much bright glitter and glisten!!

ぽてっとした丸いフォルムで人気の“ぽてはむ”に新シリーズが登場! 今回は流行のトランプ柄に合わせて、商品にもぽてはむオリジナル トランプのおまけ付。 キラキラ光る加工もたくさんしてあるよ!!


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