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Friday, January 15, 2010

Oyasumi Bakura

Oyasumi Bakura

Japanese Name: おやすみバクラ
Literal Translation: Goodnight Tapir Dream Spirit¹ Pillow
Release Date: April 2009
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

Bakura is a tapir that looks like a pillow.♪ He loves to sleep and when he sleeps, he completely looks like a pillow! He is full of a healing aura from good and sound sleep!

バクラはマクラみたいなバク♪ 寝ることが大好きで寝てばかりいたらマクラみたいになっちゃった! ぐっすり安眠できそうな癒しオーラ満載!


Tapir Dream Spirit¹ Pillow

This tapir that looks like a pillow arrives by mail order. He is always wanting to help, and he will cuddle with you and sing soft songs.♪ However, recently he is minding only himself again and again...


Soft Whistling Breaths²

In the house where Bakura arrived, they have a miniature poodle. While it sleeps, its breaths are soft and whistling. Its favorite is its tapir plushie.



Translation Notes
  1. In Japanese, "makura" means "pillow" and "baku" means "tapir" and/or a Japanese dream spirit. These two words are combined for a pun. Baku (獏 or 貘) are Japanese supernatural beings that devour dreams and nightmares. They have a long history in Japanese folklore and art, and more recently have appeared in Japanese anime and manga. The Japanese term baku has two current meanings, referring to both the traditional dream-devouring creature and to the zoological tapir (e.g., the Malaysian tapir). Wikipedia: Baku, Wikipedia: Tapir

  2. Suusuu (すーすー) is the sound of a cool sensation from passing air or the sound of air leaking, such as the sound of the soft, whistling breaths while one sleeps.