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Friday, January 22, 2010

Key Rabbits

Key Rabbits Key Rabbits

Two is better than one. They are always polishing their important keys so they are shiny! Together they are shiny! At the time when one is not happy, the other puts the key in to open and they become happy!

ひとりより,ふたり。 大切なカギをいつもピカピカにみがいているよ! ふたりそろってピカピカ! 元気のないときはカギをあけてあげると...元気になった!


He is Rabi's boyfriend. He is very smart and good at making tea.♪ His paws have clover patterns.♪ He loves to read books.♪

ビビ ラビのボーイフレンド。とってもあたまがよくてお茶をいれるのがとくい♪にくきゅうはクローバー型♪本をよむのが大好き♪

She is Bibi's girlfriend. She is selfish but always happy and cheerful.♪ Her paws have heart patterns.♪ She loves cake.♪

ラビ ビビのガールフレンド。わがままだけどいつも元気で明るいよ♪ にくきゅうはハート型♪ケーキが大好き♪


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