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Tuesday, December 29, 2009



ピニームー Pinny-Mu December 1987¹

Minor characters are increasing and everyday the Pinny Mu world is bursting with activity. Around this time, what kind of mischief are they in the middle of doing...



Pinny-Mu was born on a cold day in December 1987. He lives in Woody Town, where there is tons of peaceful nature. This boy has a big appetite but is a little clumsy. However, he is cared about by many people.

ピニームーが生まれたのは、1987年12月の寒い日の事。のどかで自然がいっぱいのウッディタウンに住んでいます。くいしんぼうでちょっとドジな男の 子。でもたくさんの人から愛されています。²

A friend of mine is a small penguin. He has black eyes, a beak, and a soft grey feather. He is very shy. His younger brother is tiny and pretty. He looks very happy.²

My friend mouse, as he is small he can't see what I can do. So I put him on my head for him. He is the smartest among my friends. He knows many things much more than I do. Today I had him teach how to play "Hide-and-seek."²


Translation Notes
  1. According to RM Licensing, who has licensed San-X characters in the past, Pinny-Mu was born in a cold night of December 1987. Since then, Pinny-Mu has been loved by many people. Now, with the increase of sub-characters such as the penguin, "Poe," and the mouse "Nap," everyday becomes more and more exiting. Maybe they are having fun together at this moment.

    Name : Pinny-Mu (Boy)
    Home : Woody Town (Peaceful and natural)
    Date of birth : Dec 18, 1987
    Personality : A lovely big eater and blunderer
    Hobbies : reading, taking risks, eating, playing outdoor
    Weak point : jump rope
    Favorite : Potato soup, strawberry cake, and a starry sky
    Treasure : Red cap and blue handbag (Handmade by his grandma)
    Strong point : Climbing trees and baseball
  2. Some information has been gathered from various merchandise: 01, 02, 03, 04.

Some scans are from Smile Scan.

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