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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Miira Usagi Mummy

Miira Usagi Mummy

ミイラうさぎマミィ Mummy Bunny Mummy September 2001

Miira Usagi Mummy is a well kept secret of pyramids of Egypt. With fellow zombies, to pass the time the mummy scares the scholars and assistants out of their wits who come to study the pyramids. However, on the contrary the mummy actually truly wants to play and make friends with them.

エジプトのピラミッドの秘密を守るミイラうさぎマミィ。マミィは、ピラミッドの研究にやってくる教授や助手たちを仲間のゾンビたちとビビらせてヒマをつぶ しているけど、本当はみんなとなかよく遊びたいと思っているひねくれ者です。