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Tuesday, December 15, 2009



Japanese Name: あつがりさん
Literal Translation: Mr. Always Hot¹
Release Date: February 2001
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

One time an unforgettable event was seen. Just by looking at him, your body is going to raise by 3°C! In the strange and fun world of Atsugarisan, there is plenty to enjoy.

一度見たら忘れられないインパクト。見ているあなたの体温も、3℃上昇まちがいない! あつがりさんの楽しく変な世界がたっぷり楽しめる文房具と雑貨のシリーズです。


Mr. Always Hot

It has been heard that Atsugarisan appears in hot and spicy foods. He is usually in freshly brewed tea. Inside kimchi…look!
At the time when the temperature surpasses 30 degrees, the strange fairy appears. One day, he perspired the amount of 10 bucketfuls. Regarding humans, there is no harm and in particular, there is also no gain. It is entirely restricted within the fairies. Everyday passes with fear of Samugarisan. A food Atsugarisan loves is gyouza (dumplings). (Tetsunabe gyouza² are his favorite). Unfortunately, at the present time there are almost no humans who have seen Atsugarisan. However, it is probably better that way.

熱いたべものや辛いたべものに出現するらしい。 いれたてのお茶にはたいてい、いる。 キムチの中に・・・ほら!!
温度が30度をこえるところに出現するへんな 妖精。 一日にバケツ10杯分の汗をかく。人間には害はないが別に益もない。 もっぱら群れて行動する。さむがりさんにおびえる日々を過ごしている。 好物はギョーザ。(鉄鍋ギョーザがお気に入り)でも残念な事に、 実際にあつがりさんを見た って人はほとんどいないんだってさ。 まあ見なくてもいいんだけどね。

Mr. Always Cold

Samugarisan is Atsugarisan’s weakness…! Once in a while, in the water its truly there. The technique is impossible, but when the water thaws, in a split second he can be caught.³

あつがりさんがニガテなさむがりさんはこいつだ・・・! ごくまれに、氷の中にまじっていることがある。 氷がとけるとすかさず逃げるのでつかまえるのは至難のワザ。
Mr. Always Hurt

Habitat zone … the hospital. Characteristics …to be in great pain. Things it loves … casts.

Mr. Second-hand Clothing

Habitat zone … Second hand clothes shops, beside the second son and second daughter.4 Hobby … second-hand things, pill and fuzz removal. Favorite word…recycle.


Mrs. Always Wanting
Mr. Always Lonely
Mr. Always Tanned


Translation Notes

  1. I have seen "Atsugarisan" to be translated as "Hot Head." However, while this translation may sound more catchy, it is not as literal.
  2. Tetsunabe gyouza is a specialty of Fukuoka, Kyushu. "Tetsu" means "iron" and "Nabe" means "pan." Ordinary, gyouza are served on a china dish with some dipping sauce, however, tetsunabe gyouza are served in an iron pan brought right to the table.
  3. According to RM Licensing (who have licensed San-X characters in the past), Samugarisan lives where the temperature is below zero and stays beside people who tell scary stories or boring jokes. It will get a cold if its scarf (which made of its hair) is removed and his favorite food is gelidium jelly.
  4. Osagarisan is often around older brothers and sisters in order to receive "hand-me-down" clothing. His hobby is that he likes to remake the clothing and he removed bits of fuzz, or "pills," from the old clothing. Basically, this character lives in poverty.

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