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About San-X

San-X ネット (Japanese)
San-X Net (English)

San-X aims to be a company that hopes to provide sparkle and meaningful messages to a wide variety of targets through its character business.


San-X is one of the largest character oriented stationary and gift manufacturing companies in Japan. Since 1980, San-X has created more than 800 characters, with 2 to 3 new characters each month totaling to about 30 new characters per year.

San-X was founded on April 8th, 1932 as a privately-owned business under the name Chida Handler. In October 1942, Chida Handler became a limited company. Chida Handler's name was changed to San-X in May 1973. The name San-X derives from an earlier logo which was a row of three X characters. "San" is three in Japanese.

Before Tarepanda became a hit, most of San-X products did not rely on characters. They continue to sell products, such asstationary with scenic shots and illustrations. In 1987, San-X created Pinny-Mu, their biggest character until Tarepanda was created in 1995. After Tarepanda became a success in 1998, San-X turned into a full-scale character development and licensing company. Their current most popular character, Rilakkuma, was created in 2003. Mamegoma, closely following Rilakkuma's popularity, was created in 2005 and was adapted to an anime series in 2009.

Mission & Philosophy

"We San-X Co., Ltd make sure the products reflects on company fundamentals, communication “relationship from one to another” and utilizing both character business & design software. We vision “communication tool” as rich lubrication in our life, propose sparkling lifestyle based on “this moment” to our consumer. San-X’s mission and goal is to create various products filled with originality and utilizing both character business and design software in to the system. Of course creating in-house brand brings freshness and individuality to the products but we believe that manufacturing products in our own design development & marketing are the fundamentals of our concept. We put great value and feel the importance of consistency and nurturing of our on going characters and items." (San-X Company Info)

Company Profile

Company: San-X Co., Ltd
Address: Chida Bldg, 2-4, Tacho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0046, Japan
Tel: (81) 3-3256-7621 Fax: (81) 3-3256-7628
Establish: April 1932
Capital: 75 Million/JPN YEN ($750,000.00 US$1.00/100JPY)
Operation/Service: Production and distribution of stationary, sundry goods, merchandises, and paper products with original design. Managing copyrights control and the distribution of original designs.
Employee: 110

Licensees: 120(Domestic) 80(Int’l)
Domestic: Nationwide
Int’l Countries: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, United States, Italy, Brazil
Categories: Apparel, Toy, Household goods, etc………

President: Chida Masao

Name and Logo


In April 1932, Kyozo Chida first established the company as CHIDA HANDLER. In May 1973, the name was changed from CHIDA HANDLER Co. Ltd. to SAN-X Co. Ltd. A possibility for where the name San-X comes from is based on the original logo of the company, which consisted of a shape of three people standing next to each who looked like X’s. As “san” in Japanese means “three,” the name could be translated as “Three X’s.” In 2000, San-X adopted a new logo where the SAN was changed to lower-case letters and the X was replaced with a four-leaved clover. San-X says, "Our logo, four-leaf clover is representing with San-X’s symbol color, blue which they have put their heart and soul for wishing “Good Luck”. Also meaning through our product they hope our end-user to be filled with happiness. In addition, it’s also a company image to symbolize youthfulness, novelty (freshness), challenge, and future" (San-X Company Info).

San-X Co., Ltd.
2-4 Kandatachou, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to JAPAN


April 1932

The first company president Kyozo Chida established CHIDA HANDLER as a private business at Kandatachou 2-6 in the Chiyoda district of Tokyo.

October 1941

The company was reorganized from a private business to a limited company.

March 1945

Due to World War II, with little to no distribution of raw materials as well as the company employees being called upon and drafted, the company temporarily closed.

March 1946

The company was able to resume, however, they were limited to within the Tokyo Metropolitan area.

April 1957

Throughout the country, about 400 clients and stores were established, and thus a domestic sales network was completed.

December 1957

The company converted to a joint stock corporation.

February 1970

The company expanded and constructed new factories in Koshigaya of Saitama Prefecture.

April 1973

A new head office was completed in Kanda.

May 1973

Without change to the trademark, the name of CHIDA HANDLER Co. Ltd. was changed to SAN-X Co. Ltd.


San-X began to create original characters for merchandise.

January 1984

Kyozo Chida passed away and his second son, Masao Chida was inaugurated as the company president.

July 1986

A general merchandise distributor center was completed in Koshigaya.













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